Technological advancements have now made it possible for business owners to ensure hassle-free and smooth progress of various operations. However, it is the Information Technology or IT departments of a majority of the companies that are unable to stay on par with the continuously developing technologies or utilize advanced offerings for their benefit. With our professional expertise in IT support in this ever-changing technological environment, clients can overcome technical challenges and profit from incorporating latest technologies in their business.

IT Support Needs Assessment

While technology efficiently assists such organizations to fulfill their objectives, it also plays a significant role in improving their standard of performance by providing innovative personalized services and support to their clients and customers.

The fast-paced changes in technology create a strain on most companies’ IT resources. Merely standardizing operation systems and a handful of applications is not what IT departments can rely upon; new technology arrives at breakneck rates and keep the IT staff perplexed and busy all the time.

Another fact that needs to be acknowledged is that online hosting technologies are growing popular by the day, and so is the mobile device usage. This fact has opened up new avenues as well as challenges for businesses that cannot be handled well by internal IT resources of business organizations. While companies desire to maximize their IT capabilities without going overboard with their financial resources, they also require new technologies for business expansion and improvement.

Since it not possible for the IT department of business organizations to measure up to the latest technological advancements; it becomes crucial to opt for our professional IT support. Our IT services and managed IT support here at Chameleon IT Service can help your small or medium business transform digitally to overcome challenges while maximizing business opportunities.

We Offer Solutions And Not Just Response

Why should you choose our IT services? The answer to this question lies at the very core of our foundation- we believe in offering solutions and not just a response. You see, a response means merely acknowledging that the client support request was received, a solution, on the other hand, is making an effort to provide the right answer to the client’s problem. That is what our IT support is all about.

As a leading professional IT service provider, we believe in providing immediate response to our client requirements. Our friendly and warm customer support staff is always ready to offer assistance whenever our clients are in need. Our responsiveness does not extend to only initial response with assurance; every client is equally important to us, which is why we maintain effective communication to understand the exact requirements of our clients and cater to them accordingly. Our consistency and responsiveness have earned us several loyal clients who keep coming back to us with their IT-based requirements.

We aim to assist clients to prosper in this technologically advanced world. Our vision provides us with the leverage to help clients navigate through the turbulent times. Our success in solving complex innovation challenges over time is just one of the reasons our clients stay with Chameleon IT Service. It is the trust of our clients that have helped us succeed. We believe in working side-by-side with clients to provide solutions for complicated challenges to minimize business risk and maximize business opportunities. Our investment is in developing a collaborative relationship with clients that helps in meeting new challenges confidently and accurately.

What To Expect From Our IT Services?

Opting for our IT support means that we are always there for you, working behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs as it should while adapting our technology to meet the requirements of your company not only today but also in the future. We are punctual for our meetings, and we listen and make queries and then note down your problems. We then try to understand all that you currently possess, and what you need. To analyze your requirements, we might request for another meeting. After fully understanding your requirements, we will present you with options that range from tried and tested industry solutions to up-and-coming, exciting new technologies. The process that we follow includes the following:

IT Support Assessment Meeting

We understand how unique each business enterprise is, and how distinct its IT capabilities and needs are. Our specialization in offering IT solutions and managed IT support extends to all small and medium-sized business enterprises. We are well versed in the fact that, in developing IT solutions, no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution works and neither is there any single formula that can be followed to overcome IT challenges. The first that clients will expect from us before we deliver ay contracts or proposals is an honest and objective assessment of their IT problems and requirements. This assessment process starts by conducting a meeting during which we lay down the onboarding process foundation while taking into account the core mission of the client’s business. Irrespective of whether the client will opt for our services or not, the information we collect during this assessment meeting stays with the client for their future planning and strategy.

Setting The Date

If the assessment does indeed move forward to proposal, SLA or service level agreement and negotiations, then we proceed with setting the date to get started with the process. With the help of a staff meeting, we can start with collaboration and inputs from the client’s key areas such as customer service, operations, accounting, human resource, sales, and service, etc. The next phase is the documentation phase, during which our professional experts will collect the information required for providing the right IT solution. Then we enter the deployment phase in which we begin to deliver IT support along with remote management and monitoring tools. Once this phase is complete, our client can assess and provide us with feedback through chat, email or phone to inform us about the outcome of our service.

Detailed Business & IT Information

It is crucial that the client provides us with as much information as possible. Vital, mission-critical, data will give us an improved overall view as well as a better understanding of the core mission and operating procedures of the client’s business. It will also enable us better to help the client with their requirements and provide the right solution for their problems. It is necessary that our clients provide us with all kinds of information- both big and small- so that we can fully understand the issues and requirements. For instance, the source of the problem might be in the realm of billing processes in an organization, such as different departments using hard copies for credit card charges, which could cause compliance issues in future. We are well-equipped to provide the best software solutions when a situation such as this occurs in an organization.

Other issues might include unsupportive operation systems, the business application line of a client, remote access problems, wireless network issues, compliance with crucial mandates like HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and security standards of PCI or Payment Card Industry, backup and disaster recovery issues, etc. We make it our job to sit down with the client and provide them with the appropriate assistance in identifying such problems when they are smaller and less problematic.

IT Solutions That Fit Your Needs- It does not matter what kind of IT problem a client is facing:

  • Compliance
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Data Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • Mobility
  • Document Management
  • Security
  • Hosted Solutions
  • Business Process Applications
  • Workflow Management Solutions

We ensure that the solution gets tailored precisely the way the client requires in adherence to their mission and needs. We aim at serving the purpose of our clients so that they can truly benefit from our services.

Benefits Of Our Managed IT Support

As MSPs or Managed Service Providers, we have extensive experience and are very dedicated IT professionals who stay educated on the latest technological advancements taking place on a day-to-day basis while measuring up with various security threats, which may put a business at risk. Our Managed IT Support through a monthly retainer can benefit our clients in the following ways:

Improving The Company Operations- We managed IT support is an effective strategy that can help clients boost their company operations, whether they are small businesses or medium-sized enterprises. With our MSP expertise, the scope of a company’s services can expand beyond IT commodity services. We offer advanced and updated services in business process outsourcing, online hosting infrastructure management or even application management. Our MSP services have also proved useful in BI or business intelligence, data analytics, and advanced application monitoring.

Boosting IT service

Our MSP don’t just prioritize supporting end user to adhere to the SLA, but these experts offer a holistic approach to rendering efficient IT services. We also provide maintenance and management of client’s IT infrastructure, so that their organization standard can be elevated, something that cannot be achieved single-handedly by a company. With our MSP service, a client can also efficiently lower their IT costs by an impressive 60%. Keeping your IT investment in check comes with a doubled operational efficiency of the business.

24/7 Support And Surveillance

We can guarantee that our customer support team will be happy to help our clients whenever necessary. Our 24*7 system support and surveillance teamwork all through the year to take care of the client’s network. We stay connected to what’s happening which helps us to detect and identify problems in their early stages and provide required resolution without any delay. As a result, we protect our clients from any significant issues that might result in case of system downtime. With our proactive identification and resolution of problems efficiently helps our clients to maintain smooth business continuity.

Budget-friendly- It is not always a simple task to budget for your IT infrastructure, mainly because of the machines’ unpredictable nature that prevents companies from determining the accurate figures for possible outages and breakdowns. It is not possible to presume the right time for a computer or server to crash; however, in case such a situation arises, the company will have to endure impressive expenditure to set things right again. Any unplanned service can disrupt the entire IT budget. But with our MSP service, clients need not worry in case of such uncertainties. Clients will need to make monthly fixed payments to will ensure that we can perform all upgrades and changes without costing them any extra money. Included in this contract would be the ongoing maintenance along with service and repair costs in our monthly retainer.

Reduced Dependence On Internal IT Department

A small business may appoint one IT professional, while a medium-sized company may have the budget to hire a team to manage as well as maintain the IT infrastructure. It is because of the complicated nature of today’s advanced IT processes that majority of the professionals cater to more than what they can. It can be cumbersome for a small team or single professional to oversee different operations as well as handle multiple tasks. However, our managed IT support team can take care of such responsibilities, freeing the IT department of our clients to spend their time working on other mission-critical initiatives that will help the business accomplish objectives as well as realize the goals of the company.

Enhanced Security

One of the primary functions of our MSP is to provide reliable security to the systems and networks of our clients. This security provision enables our clients to heave a sigh of relief and not stress about any security concerns. We will take full responsibility for regular monitoring of our clients’ Firewall and anti-virus as well as for the extension of network security using the most advanced updates and patches. We do not compromise with our client security, which is why we have earned client trust and loyalty over time.

Improved User Experience

It is because our MSP continuously monitor and maintain client systems and network that we can quickly detect problems as soon as they arise, and then work to resolve those issues immediately. As much as we like firefighting, it’s no way to run a business. Our MSPs work smart & hard to avert downtime and emergencies; which results in the hassle-free and streamlined system for improved user experience. A smoothly operating business is just one of the benefits that our clients enjoy with our managed IT support SLA.

Finally, we can assure you that opting for our IT support here at Chameleon IT Service will undoubtedly impact your small or medium-sized business in an outstanding, positive way. Embrace the latest technology with us by your side, and we will make sure that your business profits from joining hands with us!

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