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We specialize in Information Technology services for small to medium-sized businesses. We are dedicated to helping Riverside businesses to grow & prosper through well-strategized IT planning. Our IT Support Riverside is a custom, bespoke experience for our clients. Below are some of the most common services clients hire us to perform.

IT Support for Small Businesses

Many businesses assume they cannot afford managed IT support, never stopping to consider how much it costs to hire a person or persons to handle this task in-house. In addition to the salary or salaries that must be paid, benefits will likely need to be provided to obtain high-quality staff members. The business can budget for the expense each month also without worrying about unexpected high repair bills that can decimate the budget.

Furthermore, the support team monitors the system around the clock, something a small business may not be able to do on their own. Nothing is more distressing than learning the system has been down for a period of time without anyone knowing this was the case, which could lead to a loss of business. With the help of a managed IT support team, this concern can be dismissed.

Regardless of what a client needs for their organization, Chameleon IT Service will help. We provide reports, do a periodic re-analysis of the client’s needs and desires, regularly assess the workflow and security of the system, and evaluate the age and performance of the general infrastructure to allow the client to plan for future needs. Chameleon IT Service is your IT consulting partner.

Managed IT Solutions

IT Support Managed ServicesA small business may believe they do not have the funds at first to go with fully managed IT support. This does not mean help isn’t available. Chameleon IT Service works with clients to find the solution or solutions that support the client’s goals while helping them to grow their businesses. Many providers make use of a cookie-cutter approach, using widgets off the shelf, but this isn’t an issue when a client chooses us.

With our fully managed IT services, we deploy only those normative processes and procedures the client needs. The goal is to have these processes and procedures in place before a problem does arise. Being proactive in this area can actually save a business money in the long run, thus it is better to allocate funds for this purpose early on instead of only reacting to an issue when it does arise.

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