inspirational small bathroom remodel before and after

inspirational small bathroom remodel before and after – The bathroom is not the most popular part of the house, although we all spend a lot of time there. A good remodeling of the bathroom can not only make the room more spacious and attractive, but also ensure that your hygiene becomes a more pleasant experience.

I’ve postponed this post for far too long. I finally finished the new murals last week. Now it’s time to share my finished before and after bathroom remodeling photos with all of you. The tutorial for this DIY acrylic wall art can be found here.

You can find all videos from this Master Bathroom Remodel in this YouTube playlist. I saved thousands of dollars on this remodeling by doing most of the work myself. I only hired a plumber to do the plumbing, test the old bathroom, and install the new fixtures and counters. Everything else was done by me and I got all the DIY details in previous posts and videos. We come to these pictures.

inspirational small bathroom remodel before and after

Do you want to freshen up your bathroom with a budget makeover? Here’s a great example that shows you how to change the look by simply repainting the wall, adding an ornament, and changing the mirror. The gray, wet, cement-colored wall is particularly striking with the cream-colored trim. And the chair rails and artificial panels on the walls actually make the room look bigger. Especially love the mirror that was found at Goodwill for only $ 12 and painted the same color as the chair rails.

Tile tips
When it comes to re-tiling your shower walls or floors, adding decorative tiles to the mix can really add flair and personality. Glass or mosaic tiles are a bit more expensive than regular ceramic tiles, but you don’t need many of them to really pop something like a shower and look classy. For small showers or small bathrooms, lighter or neutral tile tones can help increase the visual area of ​​the room. You can also highlight the decorative tiles in color to achieve the desired color intensity.

Treat yourself to one of your articles
If you’re remodeling your bathroom on a budget, money is of course a problem, but remember to clean one of the items you update, such as the taps, bath, or sink. If you decide on something that you really enjoy in the room and that should be the focus of the bathroom, you can make other decisions. You will also be happy when you are in the bathroom.

This small bathroom has been transformed from a sober, functional style to a rustic-chic decor suitable for this type of subdivision, thanks to the wood accent of the floor, which is complemented by the small curtain and the classic bathroom furniture.