Effective Computer Support and Services is a Requirement

computer support and servicesHow awesome would it be if you had your own personal IT Guy?! Pretty awesome right?! We are here for you! From personal computer issues to small businesses with much more complex computing needs, Chameleon IT Service can be the ace up your sleeve making the bugs disappear. Our computer support and services are designed to ensure that your data is secure & backed up.

Virus Removal

Our computer support and services include one of the most critical aspects of safe computing: elimination of viruses. Time and again, we’ve seen our clients’ systems become thoroughly infected with a trojan horse type virus. We can work around the virus to securely retrieve mission-critical data from the infected hard drive.

Windows Corruption

We know first hand how frustrating a corrupt Windows environment can be. With repeated use, Windows system files can be damaged or corrupted. From small performance related issues where the system takes forever to perform a seemingly trivial task, to complete meltdown of the core files. Even though administrators may be tempted to replace a questionable or damaged installation with a clean runtime Server image, it is often a better idea to just repair Windows system files. We work tirelessly to ensure that your Windows environment is working & efficiently performing.

Memory Upgrades

computer support memory upgradeAdding more memory to your PC can dramatically improve app and system responsiveness. Upgrading your system’s memory with a well-matched pair of memory sticks is the most cost-effective way to boost performance. Chameleon IT Service will ensure that the memory we place will perform beyond expectation.

Computer support is provided by a computer repair and support technician or similar service provider. Assistance ranges from general operations of a computer and its related software, hardware or network issues. Local computer support resolves problems by physically operating the computer, while remote support generally requires logging into an end user’s computer to analyze the query or problem.

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