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Chameleon IT Service is your one-stop shop for computer service. We offer effective computer services by a highly competent technical team to solve your computer issues or business computing issues. Every business needs an I.T. infrastructure that runs smoothly to conduct their operations. We dedicate ourselves to providing professional IT services when trying to solve your computer issues.

Nobody wants to experience a computer problem that disrupts business operations. Nobody wants to have their network go down right when he or she has to deliver for a client. Chameleon IT Service provides business owners the peace of mind that when something goes wrong, it does not hurt business operations. If your computer needs virus removal or computer repair, we are here for you. We appreciate that computer services are not everyone’s forte and we are here to troubleshoot and solve your technical computing problems. Chameleon IT Service has a wide range of hardware and software components guaranteed to decipher your computer needs, often on the initial visit.IT Rack Network Engineering in Yucaipa

Small Business Computer Mainenance Packages

We offer high-quality computer maintenance services to meet your business and personal needs. Even if your computer is running smoothly, it still needs regular maintenance to update your virus and spyware software definitions to ensure that you and your business remains protected from malicious software which is continuously being created. Chameleon IT Service will accomplish this for you alongside updates on your software including the operating system. Further maintenance including setting back- up for your stored data in the event of any loss of data. Chameleon IT Service recognizes the importance of data in business, and as professionals in I.T., we offer data security to businesses and individuals. We offer the computer service of hard drive maintenance to ensure that your hard drive is tuned to fast performance and prevention of errors. We will make sure your computer’s internal components are cleaned from dust. We ensure that when you get your computer from Chameleon IT Service, it is in top-notch shape ready to serve your computing needs be for it personal or for business use. The quality of our maintenance services is of a high caliber because of the quality of our team and the customer retention target of 100%.

computer repair servicesApart from maintenance of your anti-virus software, we install software for your computer that has no virus protection software. Having no anti-virus and anti-spyware software is like leaving your house open in a dangerous neighborhood. Using the internet without such software is more like inviting a robber as a guest in your home. Give us a call at Chameleon IT Service, and we will install a competent anti-virus and anti-spyware software that suits your needs to protect you from worms, Trojans, and spyware; ensuring your computer’s functionality and your data is safe. What we offer is more quality and licensed software that stands out from your ordinary open source anti-virus with basic functionality. It is our priority to make your digital world safe.

When you contact Chameleon IT Service for maintenance, we offer data backup services to ensure you do not lose your data in case of any event or at least make your data recoverable in case of disasters. This quality service verifies smooth operation using your computer. Chameleon IT Service also offers data recovery services in case of technical failures that can potentially stall mission-critical operations in business or otherwise. It is for this reason such occurrences are termed “disasters.” We will retrieve your data that has been rendered damaged, lost or inaccessible from files that cannot be accessed in a typical way, from secondary drives or even from removable media in which crucial stored data. Whether the cause is the accidental deletion, malfunction or failure of storage devices or operating system failure, Chameleon IT Service will prove to be your trusted partner in data recovery, and we will launch a recovery procedure that will ensure your crucial data is recovered within no time.

I.T. consulting services that are offered by Chameleon IT Service consist of expert advice on choice of hardware or software. We will guide you on the best products that will guarantee high productivity in your computing tasks. We offer technical advice down to specifics that require professional attention. Have any tasks that require such attention to detail? Does your business require instant remote technical support? Chameleon IT Service will offer the professional advice to you and your business as it is our core value to maximize your productivity by efficiently guiding them to utilize the computer facilities at your disposal. Thinking I.T consultation, network optimization for productivity? Make Chameleon IT Service your partner to make your computer work for you.

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