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Don’t you just hate it when you are trying to get something meaningful done only to be frustrated by a computer that isn’t performing well? Our clients share that this is so often what makes them pick up the phone to call Chameleon IT Service for our bespoke, custom computer repair service!

We are dedicated to helping our clients in the Inland Empire to experience a productive & safe computing environment. From finding a dormant virus to removing one that has wreaked havoc with your hard drive, Chameleon IT Service provides peace of mind that comes from working with the best in the industry.

Our Computer Repair Service is Top-rated

At Chameleon IT Service, our computer repair service can locate faulty parts of your computer that are causing it to run slow or not even run at all. Maybe you are not quite ready to upgrade to a new computer; we can perform a comprehensive analysis of the system to find what would significantly increase performance & reliability.

data recoveryAre you concerned that you might have lost some important documents? Our highly targeted data recovery service is just one of the many tools we use with our Chameleon IT Service computer repair service. We can help you recover data from a faulty hard drive that may not even be showing on your desktop.

Our computer repair service can provide value dealing with a laptop that has become compromised from getting dropped or is malfunctioning in some unique way. We specialize in computer problems that perplex our customers and cause them real stress.

We will even come out to your home or business to provide on-site repair. If your computer’s problem requires something more extreme, we will take it back to our shop where we can secure your data to make sure that your data is safe.

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