Hi! I’m Jacob, founder of Chameleon IT Service.

I’ve spent the last 6 years working in the IT field with IT firms and small businesses. During that time I’ve developed a network of trusty subcontractors, who I use to deliver the best service and products to your company on every project.

Why I Started Chameleon

I want to provide the very best IT service to companies, and was not able to do that while working for an IT firm. In my experience, IT firms are only interested in selling you a product, not providing quality timeless service, and certainly not being friendly, energetic, and cheerful! They send a grumpy, antisocial IT technician (you know the type!) to figure out what you need, and they will not modify their services to fit your needs. Instead, they just do what they know. Some IT firms will listen to what you want, and then provide a service that is close to what you need, but using old products they have been implementing for years.

What Chameleon Does Better

We show up on time, listen, ask questions, listen some more, and take a lot of notes. Then we look at what you want and what you currently have. We might even ask more questions or have another meeting. Once we know exactly what you want, we will present some options, ranging from tried and tested industry solutions to exciting, up-and-coming new technology. After getting your feedback, we will modify our process to fit your company’s needs, and then come to you with a proposal.

But our excellent service does not stop there! In fact, that’s just where it starts. Once we have a contract signed, our aim is to make you feel like we are a part of your company, sharing the same goals, values, and high standards. Our plan for your company looks ahead to the future, ensuring that you are not just efficient and competitive now, but will remain so in the years to come. As with every “About Us” page, this has a lot of high talk. Give us a call or schedule a meeting to see if we really are who we say we are!

How can we help your company succeed?

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