5 The Best Laundry Room Organization Tips from the home on 2020

laundry room organization tips from the home, Do you have a laundry room that needs love?

I mean, that’s probably the most important room in my house. I have a total of 5 men in my house whose height is not average.

Of course I have to wash a lot of clothes. What’s important is that my laundry room is well laid out, functional space and also the place I like (because I spend a lot of time there).

For this reason, I bring you several different laundry ideas. Some are great examples of how you can design your bathroom. Others are some organizational or design hacks to make your bathroom a functional and comfortable place for you.

Good idea for the laundry room
Here are the restroom ideas that I found online:

Shower and Laundry Combo

laundry room organization tips from the home
Scr: renoguide.com.au

Slim, efficient and eye-catching. This combination of shower and laundry is best suited for smaller houses and apartments as well as for people who prefer streamlined living.

Vertical Open Shelves

laundry room organization tips from the home

Get as much space as possible. With these vertical open shelves you can also use odd and small spaces from floor to ceiling.

laundry room organization tips from the home

If you want to have a hidden storage space in your laundry room, adapt the drawers to your cupboards.

Then you can put your laundry baskets in these drawers or other items that you don’t want to overload in your washroom.

A collection of beautiful laundry room design ideas and smart tips for interior decoration of laundry rooms from ergonomic design experts shows how to create comfort and beauty with practical solutions and modern ideas. Washing machines and dryers, work stations, storage rooms, built-in wall boards and sinks create a very functional and attractive laundry room design.

Traditional Laundry Room

laundry room organization tips from the home

What we like best about this traditional arrangement is the storage space for the sorting basket for laundry, open shelves and hanging bars above the machine. The contrast between the color of the washing machine and the walls and furniture is just as cool

pink laundry room decor

laundry room organization tips from the home

You are a Hello Kitty fan and your parents allow you to decorate one room of the house (which will remain closed when not washing clothes), or you have been a pink lover for the rest of your life and everything you will do for you home involves color. We’re not sure why you made your laundry room pink, but I guess it’s the same as having a pink bathroom.