30+ awesome wall decoration ideas for bathroom

awesome wall decoration ideas for bathroom – Do you have a small bathroom and are having trouble setting it up? just like the favorite saying “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. Do-it-yourself decorations believe what you dream you will achieve. The strength of your wish lies in you. Your creativity is your image. That is why we have 15 furnishing ideas with which you can make your small bathroom unique with a touch of perfection.

Setting up a small bathroom has always been a challenge for many, especially if you are in an apartment with a small bathroom and you have a family with two or more children. DIY is here to unravel the secret behind using small space to achieve a larger decoration.

awesome wall decoration ideas for bathroom
source: apartmenttherapy.com

In the first place, the famous use of closets or the construction of drawers against the wall on the floor was seen as the main user of the room. Instead of building a closet and drawers all over the bathroom, innovators and critical thinkers have helped to change the use of less space so that you can store as many items as you want in your small bathroom without being overcrowded.

Second, make shelves from plywood as it is thinner, lighter and stronger. Divide it into different segments according to your wishes and hang it in the middle on the wall. You have the choice to put towels and handkerchiefs. To make it more elegant, decorate it with flowers and picture frames. Sweater-woven baskets could also be hung on the wall, an idea to store hygiene items due to their light weight, and combine the old and modern textiles to give your bathroom a picture of the past and the present.

Create a handle on the metal or wood door from inside the bathroom to spread laundry or wet towels as shown in the pictures below. Decorate your bathroom with the spherical or angular mirror as you like. At least the height because of the children should not be more than 30 cm so that they are easier to reach. Make your small bathroom a relaxing and comfortable zone. Your choice to make your small bathroom look like heaven on earth is in your hands.

Finally, you can also set up a shelf under your sink. Did you doubt your creativity? Home improvement is all about smart thinking and using limited resources to perform better. Hope that after reading this article you will understand that it will take a little effort to achieve something great until we come up with another teaching article. thank you for reading